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Value Added Services

Stage competes by providing value for money without you having to forgo on quality of service. Using our trusted bench of consultants, the company is in a much stronger position than most to commit to long term continuity of service as an organisation.  

Delivery / Account Manager – We align a dedicated delivery or account manager to all of our clients from day one. This provides a strong focus around SLA management and customer satisfaction across the board. Clients using us on a larger scale can take advantage of our onsite account management services; reducing time and cost required to manage onsite resources.

Managed human resources - We have a dedicated Human Resources team that remove the additional burden on your HR resources when scaling up teams. As well as handling day to day HR duties, we will build a relationship directly with your HR team to ensure that all policies and procedures are communicated effectively to your extended teams.

Effective reporting - We create bespoke reporting that allows you to effectively monitor your resources and plan for the future.


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